I need some assistance with these assignment. converting the aircraft jetstream 31 into a firefighting jet Thank you in advance for the help! In order that the stability of the converted aircraft is not comprised it is important that its stability is investigated. When the aircraft is suspended in the air the magnitudes of tail-heavy and nose-heavy moments must be equal for it to be stable.

From the above diagram, the allowed centre of gravity of the aircraft should between 5.422 to 5.778 m from the centre of gravity datum. Therefore, the aircraft was very stable before the addition of the retardant tank.

It is important to note that if the aircraft is to carry water as the fire retardant, the water must not be more than 435.36 gallons or 1648 litres. The capacity of the tank may, however, change if the retardant to be used is not water. However, the weight of the retardant must not exceed to maximum payload allowed.

The allowable centre of gravity (COG) range is between 5.422 to 5.778 m from the aircraft’s centre of gravity datum. Therefore, placing the retardant tank 6.1825 from the aircraft’s centre of gravity datum does not make the aircraft unstable since the overall centre of gravity (5.6m) falls within the allowable limits (5.422 to 5.778 m).

Prescribed maximum take-off weight for Jetstream 31 is 7059Kgs (check table 1). Therefore, the take-off weight of the converted aircraft if loaded with maximum retardant weight is within the required limit.

The aircraft fuselage is amongst the most important sections of an aircraft. It is the main body or structure of an aircraft. This is the structure that gives an aircraft space for cargo, aircraft accessories, personnel, passengers and controls among others. In addition, other important structures that are supported by the fuselage include wings, landing gear, power plant and stabilizers among others.

Since it is the fuselage that provides space for cargo, accessories, crew, passengers and controls, most modifications will be done on it. These modifications include cutting of gaping door, modification of the plane floor, fixing of hardware for securing the retardant tank in position in order to avoid movement of the retardant tank during flight.

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