Controversy in Toronto Thank you for the post. It is informative as it explains how the insurance sector, through the taxi business, is a fundamental component in the economy. The ease in which you layout the case study makes it easier to understand how a taxi business has so much impact on insurance companies, the people, and the economy at large. Your post is a good example of the phrase that change is inevitable. It indicates that there should be regulations within the taxi fraternity and insurance firms to ensure that operations ought to be harmonized to mitigate unfair competition. The research is appreciated and it would be important to know how the controversy is resolved.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

The post touches on a sensitive topic but you wrote it in a fluent way that attempts to eliminate the ambiguity. The Needle Exchange Program (NEP) can be considered as controversial in its own capacity. You conducted research on two sensitive grounds, both the HIV pandemic and the NEP, and the post is a successful blend of both. In addition, it is an indication that the research was comprehensive as it indicates the pros and cons of the program. Thank you for the informative piece. You did a splendid job.

The Proposed LNG Project: Good or Bad

The post is informative on several grounds. It touches on how the LNG Project is beneficial to the economy. Secondly, it focuses on the impact of the project on the environment. It continues to offer a debate on the pros and cons of the project between the city council and Squamish Nation. However, your opinion is not concrete as you seem to be on both sides of the divide. It is important to indicate the Federal Laws in relation to the environment and the economy to come up with a concrete opinion on whether the project is good or bad. Thank you for the informative piece.

Increasing Housing Cost in White court

Your post is structured in a manner that indicates both sides of the divide, both the council members and residents of White court, have valid arguments. The post is beneficial as well as informative. It indicates the interests of different parties in relation to the standards of living presented by housing in White court. It would be important to indicate the housing regulations in your research that would mitigate the absurdity of the claims from both council members and residents. The post is educative on matters regarding housing, standards of living and the economy at large.

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