Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Child Protective Services. It can take place outside the family or in the child’s home, and disastrously, it occurs most frequently at home, and regularly the abuser is recognized by the child. Normally, and most of the time, the abuser is a caretaker. Moreover, a caretaker can be a parent, stepparent, or a child care provider (Young. et al., 3). Jilani asserts that in the U.S, three million reported instances of child abuse and abandonment result in 2,000 deaths yearly. These statistics are according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Similarly, according to Every Child Matters, a child support association, since 2001, 30,000 American children have been killed in their own homes, committed suicide, or been killed in their own areas (1).

Due to these abuses, and because children are susceptible and are frequently unable to speak for themselves, they require adequate protection. As a response to this concern, the California Child Abuse Reporting Law, together with other state laws, offers the legal foundation for action to protect children and permit intercession by public institutions if they are abused (Young. et al., 1).

While major responsibility for dealing with child abuse rests with states and local governments, the national government also plays a significant supporting role. For instance, in 1974, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was enacted by Congress. This founded the legal structure for existing federal endeavors, centered on data collection and technical help to states. Each of the states has endorsed laws defining child abuse and mistreatment, establishing when external involvement is essential, and founding administrative and judicial formations to handle abuse when it is identified (policyalmanac.org, 1).

A report is made in California by directly contacting the local child protective agency and informing them concerning the child’s condition. A&nbsp.child protective agency is either the local law enforcement agency or the county social services section. Social services sections provide child safety services in California.

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