Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on child labor in africa. There is a large number of children that work today and as per the ILO research, it was found that approximately 246 million children between the age of 5 and 17 were involved in child labor, and out of them, 179 million were in the in very harmful forms of labor.

Africa as a developing continent records a large number of children active to work for economic purposes and roughly 41% of children in Africa are economic workers. In Rwanda, most of the children that are workers are involved in harmful forms of labor with prostitution taking the lead and the rest are domestic workers. In Tanzania, some of the children around 4600 of them work in small-scale mining, with many of them being as young as eight years. In Kenya, coffee picking during the peak seasons records 30% of the workers to be below the age of fifteen. In Africa, there are states that are still forcing children to take up arms and join the military, where they work as porters, messengers, cooks, sex slaves, and the older ones are forced to be soldiers. In Morocco, approximately 50,000 children work as domestics. In West Africa, most children are engaged in sexual exploitation recording an estimate of 35,000. Child trafficking from Mali to cote d’Ivoire has increased the number of children working in the plantations of the latter to between 10,000 and 15,000 (Nogler, Nesi & Pertile, 2013).

I. Poverty: most children in Africa work to help their families survive. Despite the fact that most of their employers underpay them, children still serve as contributors to family incomes especially in developing states. Most of the children that are forced to labor are taken into it by their parents.

II. Schooling problems: some of the children are forced to labor because they cannot go to school either because of the distance from home to school or complete lack of the school. In areas where the schools are scarce, the quality of education is poor so many parents do not see the reason why their children should go to school to waste time.

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