Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on book and you. Full When Books Speak Books are treasures. They are sources of information that shaped people’s lives in the past and canshape modern lives as well. They do not just enrich one’s vocabulary but also enrich readers’ knowledge of different subjects. Books are as essential today as they have been in the past. In a world with technological advancements where information is easily accessed through the internet, it seems that books are becoming of lesser value than they ought to. It should then be realized that there are still a lot of advantages that printed materials bring to readers compared to what is contained in the internet. With the vast information one can get through the internet, the sources are often questionable that readers cannot always be sure if they have the right information from authorities or if they only have a biased information from a supporter or a critic of a certain subject matter. Concerning health, reading the printed material has no side-effects as compared to reading a software with the use of a computer that is known to cause certain cancers through the radiation emitted by the machine. These are just among the many importance of reading books in a computer age.

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