Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on the awareness of the physical abuse of the elderly in living facilities Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The proposed report posits using quantitative survey research in a fixed design, which will bring new dimensions to the general discussion of preventing elder abuse.

The awareness of the physical abuse of the elderly in living facilities is an important issue today and is the subject of the proposed report. Abuse and neglect are too often visited upon older individuals who have lost some degree of their independence, and many areas do not have the programs necessary to effectively counter this threat. There is even abuse and neglect that goes on with healthcare facilities, and this is perhaps the most insidious sort of abuse. In some cultures, the elderly are prized and honored above all other citizens and groups, but unfortunately, this is not the case in the present culture. Older individuals are more likely to be seen as being in the way of the young than as role models who should be exalted because of their aged wisdom. Presently, however, many individuals are treated harshly by healthcare facilities and even their own kin, making elder abuse a significant problem in society. Also, in terms of economic scales, older individuals who are of a lower socio-economic class are more likely to be abused or mistreated. These people may lack a stable caregiver.

The proposed report will look into all aspects of abuse, including verbal, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse of the elderly. however, physical abuse is the main consideration that the proposed report will focus upon. “Physical abuse is generally considered the most extreme form of elder maltreatment. Such physical abuse includes slapping, blunt force trauma, bites, pinching, traumatic alopecia, burns, and scalds, force-feeding, overmedication, under medication, and improper medication, and improper use of physical restraints. Physical abuse accounts for up to 14% of all elder trauma and results in death more frequently than in younger patients” (Collins, 2006).&nbsp. That is the bottom line of this situation.

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