Need help with my writing homework on Arguments For and Against Mixed Community Policies. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Several arguments have been forward on the potential benefits and dangers of mixed community initiatives. These will be analyzed in-depth in subsequent sections of the paper.

Perhaps one of the most frequently cited justifications for these policy initiatives is the promotion of social cohesion (Bolt et. al., 2010). Authors do not agree on the general definition of the term but allude to the fact that it is a state in which people within a neighborhood feel connected to each other and have a strong community identity. Theoretically, mixed communities may promote cohesion by placing different social groups in close proximity to one another thus causing them to interact.

Kempen and Bolt (2009) explain how the Dutch Housing Minister believed that population compositions affect the capacity to which people can alter their environment through social bonds. Older advocates of mixed communities believe that placing poor people close to more affluent individuals may inspire them to live more orderly lives. They may take advantage of leadership in these areas and thus embrace better education and health guidelines (Sarkissian, 1976). Alternatively, integration can be facilitated by dispersing new immigrants evenly. This causes them to merge into their host communities and promotes the right social mix.

Sometimes areas with excessive concentration of certain ethnic communities may possess negative social outcomes. These areas tend to have high crime rates and lawlessness. A number of them may also report low educational performance and poor social-economic results. It may be imperative to disperse such groups in order to minimize the social vices that stem from the overconcentration of such marginalized entities (Goetz, 2012).

In close association with the above argument is the need to enhance social capital.

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