Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on are video games immoral and do they promote violence in our society. Violence in our society has increased significantly over the period of time. people have completely forgotten the values which ones made a peaceful world. This has happened because of a lot of reasons, one of the biggest reasons is the violence portrayed in movies and especially video games. The demand for violent video games is constantly increasing and the producers of such games have found this to be a very lucrative business. The gaming industry is booming, Kinect which was launched by Microsoft for Xbox 360 recorded astronomical sales figures earlier this year, when SONY released their PS 3 people users just could not get enough of it, there are other gaming consoles like Wii, Nintendo and so on which have almost become part and parcel of our lives, there have been several studies conducted on the change of human behavior because of playing violent and immoral video games and some shocking results have been brought to our notice by the scientists.

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