Hi, need to submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Analysis of Experiments. Because of the fact that it is not controlled by the minority carriers, the switching speed of the device becomes independent of the minor carrier effects. The most common metals used in the manufacturing processes for Schottky diodes are platinum, titanium, or gold.

Because of the bias applied to the junction, the junction is no longer in equilibrium. This makes it necessary for the Fermi levels to stay constant throughout the diode. This makes it possible for the Fermi levels to move with the voltage that is applied to the circuit. The offset from their equilibrium position equals Vq, where V is the applied voltage. The voltage across the junction therefore becomes FBI -V. The expression for electric field E (x), maximum electric field Emax, depletion region d, and charge QJ remain valid for the biased diode as long as the potential FBI -V.

A MOS- Structured capacitor consists of a semiconductor substrate with a thin layer and a metal contact and is made up using a Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor. The semiconductor substrate is known as the “gate” and the metal contact is called the “bulk contact”. (Zeghbroeck, 2011)

A Light-Emitting Diode can be defined as a semiconductor source of light, operating with a diode installed in a forward bias. Upon switching the device the electron and electron holes combine and produce light. The color of the produced light becomes determined by the energy applied to the band-gap of the semiconductor. The device can be utilized in the following applications.

The materials utilized in the LED remain a fundamental determinant of the color produced when the device is lit. This is normally affected by the band-gap, with a wide gap resulting in shorter wavelengths and vice-versa. The diagram below shows an LED producing a range of colors.

Red and Green LEDs have higher currents across them but the green Led can have a much larger voltage across it. The current recording from the lowest to the highest would be as&nbsp.follows blue, red, and green.

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