Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on aircraft recording, tracking, and technology Paper must be at least 3000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! A new approach in the design and methods of aircraft tracking, recording and accident investigation procedures and real-time aircraft monitoring is critical in air transport security. Recent technologies of artificial intelligence in aircraft tracking have improved the provision to traditional investigative techniques. For example, the presence of intelligent software agents enables continuous communication between the air control and onboard crew which allows data collection in the instance of an accident. Collection of data using the black box technology allows the air control to detect the conditions of the aircraft on the flight. which enhances early warning in case event of an incident that threatens the safety of the aircraft. (Wood 2006).

The aircraft tracking systems in most modern aircraft designs have a strong basis on past failures of the tracking systems for the sake of safety improvements. However, there is a lack of complex and systematic data in relation to any accident in relation to recording and tracking of the aircraft. In the year, 1996, for example, ‘1935 U.S.A’ registered aircraft were involved in the 1907 accidents. These accidents result in fatalities of which the errors of the pilots is a major reason behind most accidents. The incident results from the inability of the pilot to recognize the potential threat in the aircraft that would prevent its occurrence. Time limitation during the incident on the side of the pilot is a challenge in maintaining the safety of the aircraft. All the errors encountered in the 1907 incident contributes to the development of the current aircraft tracking systems (Noor 2000).

Complexity in the events leading to the crash of an aircraft crash when there is as a result of the inadequacy of information to the onboard pilot. In addition, there is a need by some experienced pilots to make proper decisions that are a crucial time of the crash. The use of the latest information in tracking and recording of the possible cause of aircrafts’ crash, as well as real-time problems, ensures that pilots receive an early warning.&nbsp.

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