Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Abuse of Mentally Handicapped. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. There are many forms of domestic violence which include the violence inflicted upon children from their parents or other individuals, violence inflicted upon spouses, or violence and mistreatment of senior citizens in households. While there are many groups of potential victims to domestic violence, one of the potential victims and one of the most pressurized and helpless groups in such a situation, are the mentally handicapped.

Other groups of domestic violence such as women, children, and senior citizens, may be quite helpless in a violence inflicting situation. Yet, in the case of mentally handicapped individuals, people are insensitive to the fact that despite their incapability to respond as normal human beings, they do possess the feelings and emotions of a normal person. Moreover, the fact that they are unable to respond in a normal fashion or understand how and why they are being treated in a certain manner makes it an even graver situation and has strong negative implications for the mental health of the mentally handicapped individual (Cooke, 1990).

Such violence occurs in many households where a mentally handicapped individual is present. Some family members do not even consider their behavior to be a form of abuse as they perceive the mentally impaired individual to be a burden upon them and feel that they are doing what is needed to control the individual or handle him/her. In other cases, the torture is severe and physical when family members or siblings tend to physically beat or harm the mentally impaired individual (Waxman, 1991).

Domestic violence may take many forms whether it is consistent psychological pressure or physical abuse. In the case of a mentally handicapped individual, family members may be domestically violent in two ways.&nbsp.

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