Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: Sexual Activities by the Junior Members of Staff. I have also passed through harassment in my working institution, as my manager wanted me to get involved in some kind of sexual activity after which my monthly salary would be increased by a given amount. For me, seemed like some kind of dilemma for a positive reply could boost my lifestyle but a negative one could also lead to my resignation. Actually, very many things crossed my mind for it is believed that failure to make a decision is a decision made. This happened to be a very difficult decision I was required to make in life because losing my job was going to ruin my life completely and on the other hand, getting involved in such activity could be of a great risk due to some of the sexually transmitted diseases that have been declared a matter of public concern.

After thinking over this matter for a couple of hours, I refused to comply with the request bearing in mind that my life was only meant for me to lead and direct and not based on someone else’s wish or desire. Though I was not expelled from the working staff, I went through a lot of psychological trauma due to the kind of treatment that I was subjected to daily. This trauma also lowered my level of performance about the duties assigned to me. My fellow workmates were also left in some kind of wonder, as they did not understand the reason as to why I was treated strangely. This went on for many years without any action taken by my fellow workmates, as they were also afraid of losing their jobs. Though I went through many tribulations, I did not give up on my decision as this could not only raise my monthly earnings but lower my dignity. Sexual harassment tends to happen through various avenues that no one can really understand. This usual chip is where an employee wants some vital help from his or her employer. This then causes conflict and poor personal relationships between this particular employee and the employer as the employer are not willing to give or offer help free of charge without some kind of dubious return or appreciation.

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