Need an research paper on personal reflections for dui. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. There is a choice you now have to make. The choice is whether to drive home or call a taxi to take you home.

The reason why I was assigned this sanction is that I was once involved in a similar situation. I ended up making the wrong choice. Even though I was drunk, I decided that I was still able to drive home. While I was on my way home, a highway patrol police stopped for over speeding. At this time, the policeman decided to carry out some traffic tests on me. I failed this test, and I could not believe that I was arrested due to DUI.

To begin with, the embarrassment which I went through was in two phases. The first phase is that of being arrested and put into jail for being involved in an illegal act. I was arrested, my belongings confiscated, and locked inside a cell. On top of this, the story spread out at a faster rate, and by the time I was released, almost everyone in my home area was aware of what happened. Therefore, even before I came out of jail, my parents and my pastor were aware of what happened. The next embarrassment phase was more humble. I was supposed to explain myself to my parents and again to my spiritual parents. Also, I had to explain to my friends, family, relatives, and peers why I made such a silly decision.

Secondly, I was faced with many sorts of new demands. For instance, I had to attend appointments with church elders and ADAPT (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment). Since the highway policemen had taken away my driving license, it was not easy for me to reach such places. Most of the time, I was forced to ask for a ride from my friends or relatives to take me to, for instance, do some shopping or to groceries. Thirdly, I was faced with some new financial crises. I had to pay some fines, bonds, and significant increments in insurance premiums. Due to these&nbsp.extra expenses, my business incurred a huge loss that year as well as borrowing some cash from friends and relatives.

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