Write 6 pages thesis on the topic decolonizing international relations. Further, this field has been dominated by Anglo-American scholars, and to this extent, it has ignored much of the rest of the world. Thus, the field of International Relations has largely been reduced into western imperialism, and the international interest for global powers has effectively become the foundation of the world order.

It is against this background that the creation of new world order in the 21st century becomes a subject of interest, which can barely be achieved without first decolonizing International Relations (Tickner, 2003:297). Despite the fact that globalization has come as an avenue through which a new world order can be created, the long-past against which the previous and the current world order is built has hindered this transformation. Thus, International Relations, which has largely ignored the fundamental questions of dispossession, racism, colonialism, and slavery serves as a major impediment to the achievement of the new world order (Krishna, 2001:407). Therefore, there is no vital time in the history of the world to address the decolonization of International Relations, then presently.

The call to decolonize International Relations emanates from the need to address the historical background that led to the development of the current world order, which has completely been ignored by the International Relations discipline (Shohat, 1992:102). The apparent definition of the historical background of colonialism and dispossession that led to the current world order as a taboo by the discipline of IR has raised sufficient ground for understanding the unwillingness of the west to address the issue of colonialism, slavery racism and imperialism, which led to the development of a world order where some nations are powerful, wealthy and developed than others (Barkawi, 2010:1365).

Therefore, the decolonization of IR would majorly seek to create a ground for focusing on such historical backgrounds, so that the&nbsp.current world can be understood based on its past, and thus the new world order would be created based on the new understanding of the world, as opposed to the creation of a new world order where the fundamental concepts of colonialism, slavery, and imperialism still remains unaddressed (Krishna, 2001:409).

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