Discussion 2: What is Abnormality?


The purpose of this assignment is to help you consider the definition of abnormal behavior and how it may be difficult to determine what behavior is abnormal.

For this assignment you will be asked to watch two YouTube videos. The videos are hosted by William Tapley, 72-year-old resident of Forestport, NY. Tapley is also known as the “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and “Co-Prophet of the End Times.” He regularly makes videos about Biblical prophecies. Some people think Tapley is spoofing a conspiracy theorist in order to achieve YouTube fame. Some people think he is serious. In either case, in the last three years, his YouTube channel has attracted 3.8 million views.


Your Initial Post should be a minimum of 100 words long and is due by Wednesday 11:59 PM. It should address the following:

  1. Watch the two assigned YouTube videos from thirdeaglebooks. You can watch more videos from the channel if you wish, but at minimum you should watch Denver Airport Murals: Prophecies From Satan! and “Mitt Romney, A Hero In My Mind”.
  2. After you watch the two videos, create a post stating whether or not you think Tapley is exhibiting abnormal behavior, and clearly state why. Use the four Ds as part of your criteria, but if you used any other criteria, please explain that in your post.

Must use four Ds

Discussion Guidelines

As you complete this discussion activity, keep in mind some guidelines:

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