This section contains five (5) short-essay response questions. You must choose two (2) to respond to. Read each essay prompt carefully and write your response in the text boxes provided. Each short-essay response should be 200-400 words. (5 points each)

  1. The use of intelligence testing to identify persons with intellectual disabilities is a controversial issue. Name and describe at least two reasons that there is concern over the use of IQ testing to assess intelligence.
  2. Discuss how the discrepancy model and response to intervention (RTI) model identify students with a learning disability. Select the one that you feel is most appropriate and provide supporting rationale.
  3. Identify at least five (5) instructional modifications appropriate for addressing the instructional needs of individuals with ADHD.
  4. Discuss the social stories strategy for students with Autism. In your response, include the purpose of social stories, the basic steps in developing a social story, and an example of when the use of a social story might be appropriate.
  5. Identify the differences between receptive and expressive language and explain how deficits in each impact student learning.

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