1- In this week, we move further along with your discussion board topic of market research. From your reading, on Phase 2, when researching your niche market for your final project, do you know who your customers are? Who are your top competitors? Focus your post on providing your customers, top 3 competitors, and what plan do you have to research your niche market? 

(My business is an online sex shop focused in sexual education exploring tantric and sensory sex)

2- (I’m uploading a doc with the business idea so you can answer the following questions)

Using Porter’s five forces, analyse the factors at work in your industry.

If you are expecting to be first to market, what other advantages for your proposition can you expand on in your business plan?

Describe the strategic direction being pursued by the business you are/will be competing with, ie focus, differentiation, cost.

What strategic option will you be going for and why?

Explain how you arrived at your proposition.

What makes you believe it will succeed?

Write a mission statement linking your product or service to the customer needs it is aimed at.

Write vision and values statements.

What are your principal objectives:

  • –short term?
  • –long term?
  • List your tasks and action plans as you see them at present.

Business Plan Idea

Giulia Seabra

Southern states University

BUS 480


1- I would like to explain how I came up with my business idea first. As a child, I grew up with my mom and grandmother, who were both very open minded, and they taught me everything related to sex, especially how to protect and respect my body. My girlfriends used to come to my house to ask my mom about sex because they didn’t feel comfortable talking to their parents about it, and some would sadly learn on the streets.

In addition, I discovered that everyone is interested in talking about sex (in a respectful way), even those who pretend not to be interested. I remember my first job which was in a clothing store. There was a girl that used to come to the store to sell us some sexual products and all my co workers would get all excited and buy almost everything. It is also important to note that the sex industry is very powerful, but does little to teach us about our sexuality. The majority of people have a misconception about what sex is.

The business I’m starting is going to be an online sex shop where we’re going to sell sex education exploring sensorial and tantric sex. A platform where we can explore the best of ourselves and improve the quality of life of a person, in its sexual dimension. We have to highlight that sexuality is a constitutive part of the human being and as such crosses the dynamics of social relationships.

A portal where you can find the best about sexual wellness that will also support your body’s overall wellbeing. The body itself offers a range of possibilities and the opportunity for an expansion of the experience of sexuality in a reflective and criticism. The goal is to redefine the creation of sexuality, rediscover sex and empower lovers to achieve sexual harmony. Even with all the exciting new toys and props available to help people improve their sex lives, communication between partners and a lack of intimacy remain the biggest challenges to maintaining healthy relationships over time.


a) There are tons of sexy shops, but none are focused on education. Our goal is to help any human who would like to enhance their sexual experiences in a positive and healthy way.

b) No.

c) There is an innovative product I have in mind that should remain a secret. In spite of that, one of our main ideas is to offer a membership service in which the client receives a box with a variety of products every month.

d) Not sure.

e) Yes, it’s not happening.

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