Write a white paper that describes how to create a modern software development environment that incorporates and integrates all SDLC processes. Your paper should be approximately 4-6 pages, not including the title page and Works Cited. 

 Follow the Paper Direction  Your task is to make recommendations for creating a state-of-the-art software development environment. Your audience is mid-level managers such IT managers. 

Computer Science


Module 8 and 9 Paper: A Software Development Environment with State-of-

the-Art Integrated Security Features


You are now in Module 8, and it is time to start preparing a comprehensive paper. You will submit the

paper in Module 9.

Following 9 SDLC labs will shed a light on this paper:

1) Building an SDLC environment in Microsoft Azure

2) Creating a Kanban board and project backlog

3) Threat modeling

4) Performing attack surface analysis

5) Analyzing the code on-fly

6) Using sandboxing and fuzzing techniques

7) Performing static source code analysis

8) Reverse-engineering a binary file

9) Perform the operation, maintenance, and disposal in Azure.

The Scenario

With the proliferation of cloud infrastructures, DevOps, and SecOps processes became very popular.

These processes rendered fully integrated SDLC processes for the companies. In this course, you’ve

practiced security tools and methods that correspond to every phase of SDLC. In some labs, you used

modern infrastructures such as Azure DevOps, Kanban Boards, Azure Cloud, however in other labs; you

used legacy or proof-of-concept tools such as Bandit source code analyzer. Not all of the tools used in

the labs were integrated into the SDLC environment that you set up in Lab 1.

Now it’s time to share your expertise about how to create a state-of-the-art software development

environment. Write a white paper that describes a modern software development environment that

incorporates and integrates all SDLC processes. Define the problems that can occur if it is not done

properly and make recommendations to address them. Your audience is mid-level managers such as IT


For more about writing a white paper, read:

• White Papers, guidance on how to write a white paper from the Purdue OWL. Make sure to read

the sections “Purpose and audience” and “Organization and Other Tips.”

• White Papers PowerPoint Presentation


This section contains a list of resources for you to review and read. You can also perform your own

Internet search to access other resources such as academic papers, white papers, training videos, and

webpages. Keep track of the sources you use; you will need to cite them. RefWorks is an excellent free

tool for helping you do this.


Defending Infrastructure as Code in GitHub Enterprise,

The DevSecOps Approach to Securing Your Code and Your Cloud, (Register for SANS Reading Room)

Microsoft SDL Practices

The Security Development Lifecycle

Secure Development Lifecycle


What is DevOps?

What is DevSecOps?

What is Docker?

Github Marketplace

Search Tools

Azure Marketplace

Amazon AWS Marketplace

GCP Marketplace

Github Marketplace

Virtual Studio Marketplace

Eclipse Marketplace


Write a white paper that describes how to create a modern software development environment that

incorporates and integrates all SDLC processes. Your paper should be approximately 4-6 pages, not

including the title page and Works Cited.

Organize your white paper into these main sections: Title page, Introduction, Problem Statement,

Solution, Conclusion, and Works Cited. Format the text, margins, and citations in APA style. You are not

required to write an abstract.

Include the following:

• Services, tools, and technologies: Cloud environment, DevOps (CI/CD), SecOps, GitHub IDE and

IDE security extensions, integrated software testing tools, Docker, Kubernetes, Scrum, Sprint.

Describe/explain the functions and relationships of each of the services, tools, and technologies.

• All of the processes you completed in 9 labs. Replace the legacy and isolated ones with state-of-

the-art methods as much as possible.

• Draw one or more flowcharts to show the SDLC phases and the interaction of the tools with

these phases. Show essential actors in the flowchart, such as DevOps engineers, Developers,

project manager.

• Search and include tools from Github marketplace or Cloud provider’s marketplaces.

Make sure to carefully proofread and edit your work.

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