Week 1 – Assignment

Blueprint for Healthy Aging: Statement of the Problem/Challenge

[WLO: 4] [CLOs: 2, 8]

Your written assignment this week is to develop a preliminary draft of the statement of the problem/challenge you plan to address in your Blueprint for Healthy Aging. You will need to identify a specific problem or challenge confronted by current or future aging populations in modern society as informed by the assigned readings as well as your personal interest in a specific topic. Examples include specific health conditions, lifestyle issues, or financial/retirement issues). Based on your assigned readings and additional research on the topic, you will write a two to three page paper which includes a concise statement of the specific problem you plan to address in your Blueprint. Your paper should include a review of the historical, current and future trends of the issue/problem as well as the context of the problem (e.g., specific population affected, geographic location/s, prevalence, personal and societal impacts, costs). You should also discuss why it is important to address the problem to facilitate healthy aging.

Required Resources


Bengtson, V. L., Gans, D., Putney, N. M., & Silverstein, M. (Eds.). (2016).  Handbook of theories of aging  (3rd ed.). Springer. 

· Chapter 1: Theories of Aging: Developments Within and Across Disciplinary Boundaries

· Chapter 2: Concepts and Theories of Age and Aging


Recommended Resources

Web Page

Hurst, M. (n.d.).  Theories of aging: Structural-functional, symbolic-interaction, & social conflict (Links to an external site.) . Retrieved from


In Week 1, you will be introduced to the historical and current importance and role of interdisciplinary theories of gerontology that contributes to our understanding of and ability to respond to the needs of an aging population. Metahistorical, evolutionary, and Modernization perspectives and theories will provide context and frameworks for conceptualizing the aging process and life-course. Despite existing perspectives and theories, there remain gaps in knowledge and understanding for responding to the needs of an aging population in modern times, highlighting the importance of expanding perspectives, theories, and research in applied social gerontology to develop a Blueprint for Healthy Aging in the future.

Your final summative assignment is to develop a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation on the ‘Blueprint For Healthy Aging In The Future’ to be shared with the class on your finalized Blueprint for Healthy Aging. Each week, you will be working on a section of your final Blueprint by way of a written assignment in preparation for the final Blueprint presentation. The final PowerPoint should outline and highlight major points from each section of your blueprint based on your weekly written drafts of each section and feedback provided by your instructor. You should provide three to four slides for each of the six sections of the blueprint, for a total of 18 to 24 slides plus final reference slide(s).

This is regarding Week 1 assignment

· Section 1– A Statement of the Problem/Challenge: This section includes a concise statement of the specific problem you will address in your blueprint including a brief review of historical, current and future trends and context of the problem  (e.g., specific population affected, geographic location/s, prevalence, personal and societal impacts and costs.) relating to the issue. You should also discuss why it is important to address the problem to facilitate healthy aging.

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