After completing the readings for this week and learning how the media has impacted the disaster scenarios highlighted, consider the incident that you chose and provide an overview of how the media played a role in the response, recovery, continuity, or resilience of the incident. Remember to include both traditional forms of media (television, print, radio, et cetera), as well as new forms related to technology (Reverse 911, social media, et cetera). If the media did not have a significant impact, discuss how it may need to be considered in vulnerability assessments for future events.

Your initial post should serve as a foundation for the media portion of your final paper.

Your post should be 300–500 words minimum. Scholarly sources should be used to support your discussion. Cite all sources in current APA style.




Use Case Studies in Public Health Preparedness and Response to Disasters to complete the following:

  • Read Case 15, “2009 H1N1 Influenza Epidemic in Iowa,” pages 331–344.

Use the Capella University Library to complete the following:

  • In Cultures and Disasters:
    • Read Chapter 10, “Celebrity Culture, Entertainment Values . . . and Disaster,” pages 179–192.
  • Read Cheng, Mitomo, Otsuka, & Jeon’s 2016 article, “Cultivation Effects of Mass and Social Media on Perceptions and Behavioural Intentions in Post-Disaster Recovery—The Case of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake,” from Telematics and Informatics.
  • Read Imran, Castillo, Diaz, & Vieweg’s 2015 article, “Processing Social Media Messages in Mass Emergency: A Survey,” from ACM Computing Surveys

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