ENGL 111-01
English Composition

A Closing Reflection on What You’ve Learned This Semester (10 points)
Your final writing assignment is pretty much what the title above says it is. I don’t want this
assignment to be terribly stressful to you. Think of it as a cross between an “exit interview” and a really
easy take-home final exam.
Here’s how I want you to go about it: On the second page of this document, you’ll see eight
bullet-pointed course objectives for ENGL 111. These objectives are also found on page 2 of your
I did not write these objectives (though I may have tweaked the language in one or two places);
the objectives are required in all ENGL 111 syllabi throughout the Ivy Tech system.
Read the objectives and reflect on them. I want you to choose two (2) objectives where you think
you’ve made significant progress this semester—in other words, two areas where you believe you’ve gotten
better. I also want you to choose two (2) objectives where you think you still need to do some work. Write
up your reflections on each of the four objectives that you have chosen. About a paragraph per objective
should do it.
In addition to your four paragraphs (the body of the paper), your paper should have a brief
introduction and conclusion. How you go about writing those opening and closing paragraphs is up to you.
Aim for a draft of one and a half to two pages, typed and double-spaced. If you go over two
pages, that’s fine; but don’t go over three pages.
You will write one graded draft of Paper #4. This draft will be due on Tuesday, May 10, and will
be worth 10 points, covering the following criteria:
1. Quality of Content (5 points)
2. Organization/paragraphing (3 points)
3. Fulfillment of assignment’s length requirement (2 points)
After those drafts come in, we’ll do one final round of individual conferences, which will happen
on or about Thursday, May 12. Class will not meet on the 12th, but we’ll have one final class session on
Tuesday, May 17.
Good luck! And I will probably say this to you more than once, but thank you for all of the work
you’ve done this summer.
When I have trouble writing, I step outside my studio into the garden
and pull weeds until my mind clears—I find weeding to be the best
therapy there is for writer’s block.
—Irving Stone (1903-1989)
I type in one place, but I write all over the house.
—Toni Morrison (1931-2019)
ENGL 111-01/Thomas—Guidelines for Paper #4—2
General Course Objectives for ENGL 111:
Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to:
• Compose texts that exhibit appropriate rhetorical choices, including attention to audience, purpose,
context, genre, culture, and convention.
• Develop and apply strategies for critical reading, critical thinking, and information literacy.
• Demonstrate a proficiency in locating, evaluating, and analyzing academically appropriate research
• Analyze and synthesize researched information to develop and support original claims.
• Develop and advance thesis-driven compositions in an organized progression with appropriate
supporting information.
• Engage in writing as a process through invention, multiple drafts, collaboration, reflection, revision,
and editing.
• Employ correct techniques of style, formatting, and documentation when incorporating quotations,
paraphrases, and summaries from sources into compositions.
• Produce texts that demonstrate control over style and writing conventions, including sentence variety
and complexity, word choice, tone, punctuation, grammar, usage, and spelling.
These course objectives are taken from your course syllabus, page 2. English Composition  English Composition  English Composition  English Composition

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